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I draw cute things and post them on the Internet

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/waves to all my new followers

Hello, everyone! Especially if you are here by way of Anime Boston. Thank you for checking out my work and following me. I plan on posting more artwork soon, now that convention craziness has winded down.

A bit about myself and this blog:

-Name: Nicole
-Currently working and living in Boston, as a graphic designer
-Does a ton of freelance/volunteer graphics work for Anime Boston
-Programs I use: Illustrator and Photoshop CS4
-Am I open for commissions? Not at this time, but I will make a post if/when I am
-Hey, can I use your artwork for X? You can totally use my stuff for icons and headers and whatnot, as long as you credit back to this blog, and it’s for non-commercial purposes. If you’re interested in using something for commercial purposes (i.e., you’re making money off of it), send me a email at design.benign at gmail dot com.
-Why all the cute? Because cute is awesome, and I did my thesis in art school on cuteness in design
-Other interests: history, old French movies, Buster Keaton, spaaaaaace
-I’m also a huge craft beer nerd